NL Gaia meeting 2015



G. Nelemans (Radboud University)
As you probably know, the Gaia satellite has been performing observations nominally for over a year. In preparation for the first data release, expected in the summer of 2016, we are organizing a workshop to bring the interested community up to date on Gaia and the plans for the data releases. The aim is also to prepare ourselves in a more coordinated fashion across the whole of the Netherlands for the exploitation of this fantastic dataset. Programme Dutch Gaia Meeting, 2 September 2015, Nijmegen Room: HG00.071 10:30 Coffee/tea * Gaia overview talks (Chair Jonker) 10:50-11:30 Gaia status and Data processing - Anthony Brown 11:30-11:45 Gaia alert status - Thomas Wevers 11:45-12:15 Data access - Grainne Costigan 12-15-12:30 Q&A on Gaia data 12:30-13:30 Lunch (Canteen) Room: HG00.068 * Current NL projects/ideas (Chair Brown) - Gaia Visualisation (Breddels) 15+5m - Gaia Transients (Wevers) 15+5m - Galactic dynamics and archeology (Helmi) 15+5m - Gould Belt (Guo/Kaper) 10+5m - Hypervelocity stars (Rossi) 10+5m - Intermediate-Mass BHs (Jonker) 10+5m - Halo white dwarfs in the Gaia era (van Oirschot) 10+5m [Evolution of massive binaries (Nelemans)] 15:30 Coffee/tea * Discussion how to coordinate Gaia related research in NL
  • Amina Helmi
  • Anthony Brown
  • Carmen Martinez
  • Costigan Grainne
  • Difeng Guo
  • Elena Maria Rossi
  • Eleonora Zari
  • G. Nelemans
  • Hao Tian
  • Huib van Langevelde
  • Ignas Snellen
  • Ilsang Yoon
  • Jean-Michel Desert
  • Jorrit Hagen
  • Jos de Bruijne
  • Joshua Albert
  • Jovan Veljanoski
  • Lex Kaper
  • Lucie Jilkova
  • Luis Henry Quiroga-Nunez
  • Maarten Breddels
  • Mihkel Kama
  • Onno Pols
  • Peter Jonker
  • Pim van Oirschot
  • Pugliese Giovanna
  • Ralph Snel
  • Rien van de Weygaert
  • Rudolf Le Poole
  • Serena Repetto
  • Silvia Toonen
  • Smriti Vats
  • Stefania Salvadori
  • Sterl Phinney
  • Steven Bloemen
  • Thomas Wevers
  • Tjibaria Pijloo
  • Valerio Ribeiro
  • Valeriya Korol
  • Wilfried Boland
  • Wim Brouw
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