Finances and applications

Financial Matters and Logistics:

The local expense fee of 1350 Euros, payable in advance or upon arrival, covers lodging, meals, transportation between the Palermo airport and Erice (provided by the Centre) and all course activities. Participants dine at their choice of a number of Erice restaurants. (Beverages, including water, with meals are not included and must be paid for separately.)

Participants needing financial assistance should apply as soon as possible. Partial assistance with local expenses will be offered to students from overseas, i.e., those requiring trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific travel and students who demonstrate real financial need. Requests for financial assistance should accompany the application.

Qualified applicants who can defray all of their own expenses are usually admitted.

Application / Registration:

Applications from graduate students and post-docs (theory & experiment) should include a brief CV and a statement that travel/transsport funds are available. For students, a short note of endorsement by a senior scientist should be provided. Anyone interested in attending should apply as soon as possible since space is limited due to constraints at the Ettore Majorana Centre, and late applicants may have to be turned away.

Senior Participants are encouraged to attend and should contact one of the directors.

Applications should be submitted via indico. You will need to be prepared to upload your CV/resume, and note of endorsement as PDF files. Response will be via e-mail, with the first selection of attendees in early 2024. For questions not covered on the websites, please contact one of the directors.