Recent results from HAWC

Aug 1, 2022, 3:00 PM
Erice, Sicily, Italy

Erice, Sicily, Italy

Ettore Majorana Center for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily, Italy
invited lecture


Jordan Goodman (University of Maryland)


The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Gamma-ray Observatory in the high mountains of Mexico is giving us a new view of the TeV sky. HAWC operates 24hrs/day with over a 95% on-time and observes the entire overhead sky (~8sr over the course of the day). HAWC has accumulated more seven years of data and has recently completed our “Pass 5” re-analysis giving us significant improvements in our low energy response, angular resolution, background rejection and an expanded field of view. This talk will present an overview of these recent HAWC results showing our updated sky catalog, our view of the highest energy gamma-ray sky (including sources above 50 and 100 TeV), long-term monitoring of nearby AGN and recent observations of galactic Pevatrons. In addition, we will present recent limits on primordial black holes, Lorentz invariance violation and multi-messenger observations, as well as comparisons of HAWC and IACT measurements.

Primary author

Jordan Goodman (University of Maryland)

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