LISA-NL Community Day 2

Sentinel/Athena (SRON)



Niels Bohrweg 4 2333 CA Leiden
Elena Rossi (Leiden University), Gijs Nelemans (Radboud University)

The LISA mission is progressing fast, despite the launch in ~2035. Adoption is planned within a year! We are organising the second NL LISA community day to inform all interested people about the status and developments of the LISA mission and the LISA-NL activities. The day will feature a key-note talk by Pratika Dayal (RUG) about LISA and massive black holes. There will also be updates on the LISA mission, it schedule and the LISA-NL activities that are intensifying due to the recent awards of a roadmap grant. We will end the day with a discussion session on the role NL wants to take in LISA data processing. This is the time to determine our position, since around adoption the data processing plans will have to become more concrete. We want to organise the NL-LISA data analysis work in a collaboration between SRON, Nikhef, SURF and the universities.

The meeting takes place in Leiden, with the possibility to participate remotely. The Zoom link gets sent to you via e-mail.


  • 10-10.30 Coffee
  • 10.30 Welcome + Roadmap news (Michael Wise, SRON)
  • 10.50 Keynote: LISA science with Massive Black Holes (Pratika Dayal, RUG)
  • 11.30 Status of the LISA mission (Oliver Jennrich, ESA)
  • 12:00 Overview of NL hardware contributions (Niels van Bakel: QPDs, TBD: PAAM, Pieter Dieleman: MCU)
  • 12:40 Lunch
  • 13:40 The LISA consortium and the LISA-NL consortium (Gijs Nelemans, RU/SRON)
  • 14:00 LISA science session (Elena Rossi, UL et al.: LISA Science Group update, pre-LISA EM work, Do we want to start NL LISA projects? 
  • 14:40 Discussion on LISA data analysis in NL (intro Elena Rossi, UL, Jan-Willem den Herder, SRON/UvA, NatalieDanezi, SURF, 30 min) + 45 min discussion
  • 16:00 AOB, Drinks
  • Ad Nieuwenhuizen
  • Ana Achucarro
  • Anna Balaudo
  • Benito Marcote
  • Béatrice Bonga
  • Christian Sayer
  • Cole Johnston
  • Ema Dimastrogiovanni
  • Floris Kummer
  • Frank Hofs
  • Gerard Cornet
  • Gijs Nelemans
  • Haili Hu
  • Hara Papathanassiou
  • Ignas Snellen
  • Ivan Lloro
  • Jan Kuijpers
  • Jan van Roestel
  • Jan-Willem den Herder
  • Jean in 't Zand
  • Jens Johansen
  • Katrien Uytterhoeven
  • Kevin Ravensberg
  • Konstantinos Kilmetis
  • Konstantinos Tsalapatas
  • Laura van der Schaaf
  • Leonid Gurvits
  • Luc Dubbeldam
  • Lucas Pouw
  • Luciano Gottardi
  • Martin Frericks
  • Martin Siegl
  • Maureen van den Berg
  • Michael Wise
  • Natalie Danezi
  • Nathalie Degenaar
  • Niels van Bakel
  • Oliver Jennrich
  • Onno Pols
  • Peter Jonker
  • Phillip Laubert
  • Pieter Dieleman
  • Pratika Dayal
  • Rahul Priyadarshan Ravichandran
  • René Wanders
  • Rojita Buddhacharya
  • Ronald Stark
  • Russell Shipman
  • Ryan Westernacher-Schneider
  • Samuel Young
  • Silvia Toonen
  • Sjoert van Velzen
  • Sumedha Biswas
  • Timesh Mistry
  • Tina Neumann
  • Vincent Icke
  • Wouter Laauwen
  • Wouter van Zeist
The agenda of this meeting is empty